What would have happened if Lily never died?

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What would have happened if Lily never died?

Post  Guest on May 10th 2011, 4:29 am

For the sake of arguement, let's just say that the sacrifice Lily gave to Harry, that James did that, stood in front of the crib, shielded Harry from harm, etcetera, etcetera. Would Lily have sought another man to raise Harry? Would she have gone with Snape? Would the magic work at all, considering it was a paternal love rather then maternal? Hmm...


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Re: What would have happened if Lily never died?

Post  Molly Prewett on May 10th 2011, 5:34 am

The same protection charms couldn't have been used, unless they lived with someone who shared blood with James and Harry. I don't know if Lily would ever have been able to move on to another man, but if she did I think it would never have been Snape. I don't know if she'd ever be able to forgive him that much or if she'd ever completely trust him again. After all, the man did try and bargain her life against her son's and husband's, and I don't know if he could ever get past the fact that Harry looks so like James/carries his blood to treat him the way a father figure should treat a child.
I'm pretty biased against Snape a lot of the time, though... >.>


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