Proper Posting Squad - Please Read!

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Proper Posting Squad - Please Read!

Post  Angelina Johnson on August 22nd 2010, 3:10 pm

Hello everyone.

As of today, we will be launching the Proper Posting Squad, or PPS for short. Our job will be to lessen the duties of the mods and Eowyn by keeping track of any user who consistently posts badly in terms of grammar, spelling and sentence structure. If this is to happen, one of the Squad Members will pass on the details (user, threads, page numbers) to myself, and I will be giving out unofficial warnings to those users. Should this warning be ignored, and the user shows no signs of improvement or attempted improvement, then one of the moderators in the group will be contacted by myself to give that user an official warning.

Please bear in mind that this is for consistently bad posting, and that one-off mistakes are of course, only human. We will also be able to answer any grammar-related questions that anyone may have.

All the members of the PPS will have a banner in their signatures to signify this fact, and please don't hesitate to contact anyone in the Squad with any questions.

The members are: Luna Lovegood, Pansy Parkinson, Narcissa Black, Dean Thomas, Daphne Greengrass and Nikki Orwell.

I am the Squad Leader, please PM me with any PPS business at my Angelina Johnson account.
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