The World of Krynn- Dragonlance

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The World of Krynn- Dragonlance

Post  Adelia Kara Whiteraven on March 7th 2010, 3:16 am

Amazing books, and even if i'm the only one who's read them...

Some Info:

The first book EVER, Dragons of
Autumn Twilight, is about the Dark Queen Takhisis (the Goddess of evil)
trying to take over the world through intermediaries since all of the
races of Krynn think that the gods had abandoned them. There's a band
of heroes, and it's their job to oppose her, and forge the dragonlance.
They also rediscover the gods, find the Good Dragons (and find out the
reason they can't help the forces of Good fight Evil).

there's the Lost Chronicles, and they're a trilogy between the first
three main books(Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night,
Dragons of Spring Dawning) called Dragons of the Dwarven Depths,
Dragons of The Highlord Skies, and Dragons of the Hourglass Mage.

you have the Twin series which are about Raistlin (the most kick-ass
wizard in existence) and his twin Caramon, the next generation series,
the War of souls, and then the various off shoots that come after that.

There's also the Histories- various series, trilogies and books
about what took place before what happened in the main trilogy, and the
New Adventures (that's mainly a teen book series there's 5-7 separate
series/trilogies under that one), and the creation of the world of's a very complex and large web

Dragons of Autumn Twilight is the first book of the first trilogy, read the first trilogy. then if you liked
them, read the inbetween books, that start with Dragons of the Dwarven
Depths Smile they explain a lot of what happened between the books of the
first series. After that you just pick a series/trilogy and read them.

Though, if you read the War of souls, try to read The New Generation books and The Twin series. they help build up to it...see there's a TON of books. A TON.
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